Our certified NROI Canada RO Instructors

Norm Frankfurt
Zen Bogoslowski
Bill Klein

* Reduced Training and Match Fees for Juniors up to age 18 *

- Reduced Black Badge Course Fee - $40
Includes current year's IPSC Manitoba membership
- Reduced IPSC Annual Membership - $40
- Reduced Match Fees - $10

Black Badge Courses <> RO Refresher Course

Black Badge Course

Are you interested in joining the exciting sport of IPSC ?
Attend an upcoming Black Badge Course
Cost: $125.00
Includes all fees and current year's IPSC Manitoba membership

Black Badge Requirements
What will I need for the Course?

Any questions... Contact Rob (204) 416-7762 or rob@mdpl.ca

1. 9mm or larger pistol
2. Safe holster with suitable belt for holster use
3. 3 magazines with 3 magazine pouches minimum
4. 250 rounds of ammunition minimum

Winnipeg Black Badge Registration and Payment Policy

A minimum of 4 to maximum of 12 paid registrations are required or the course will be cancelled and re-scheduled

* Make your cheque payable to IPSC Manitoba

1. Make contact with the Black Badge coordinator with your intention to register and attend the course at the Firing Line
2. One week prior to the course a Black Badge orientation will be held at the Firing Line and you will be required to pay your $125 non-refundable course fee *
3. At the orientation you will receive a Black Badge training package containing a Student Manual, Rule Book, Open Book Test, and IPSC membership form
4. After you have successfully completed the Black Badge course and passed the Open Book Test you will receive your Black Badge number and Certificate
5. You will now also receive your IPSC Manitoba membership card which is valid for the full year in which the Black Badge course was held
6. After successfully and safely completing your first (Novice) competition you will be certified to compete in IPSC events and receive your Black Badge pin


Course Dates City Location ++ Coordinator
TBA Winnipeg Firing Line Rob (204) 416-7762 or rob@mdpl.ca
TBA Brandon Brandon Wildlife Range Bill Klein (204) 729-0625 or bill@thewoodjoynt.com

++ If not listed see Home page for Coordinator's contact information

Black Badge Course Photos


September 14, 2013
Brandon MB


April 27, 2013
Brandon MB


June 23, 2012
Brandon MB


April 28, 2012
Brandon MB


April 23, 2011
Brandon MB


April 18, 2009
Brandon MB


November 1, 2008
Winnipeg MB


March 31, 2007
Dauphin MB


January 14, 2006
Winnipeg MB


April 2, 2005
Shilo MB


March 5, 2005
Thompson MB


May 11, 2002
Selkirk MB


RO Course

Any member interested in becoming an RO is asked to please contact the RO Coordinator.
A date will scheduled as soon as there are enough registered for a course.

Course Date City Location ++ Coordinator

++ If not listed see Home page for Coordinator's contact information

RO Course Photos


February 22, 2003
Winnipeg MB