2013 National Team Rankings

Invitation to IPSC Manitoba's 2013 Events

All competitors please ensure a copy of the above invitation as well as a match schedule is in your possession along with your ATT permit when attending any event

Effective 30JUN09 IPSC Canada's previous exemptions no longer apply.

Please take Note of the following regulations:
** Open Division - No bullets less than 120 grain will be allowed for major power factor.
(Lighter bullets will still be allowed for minor power factor)
** Standard Division - Gun must fit in the box with magazine inserted.

The new IPSC aluminum box will be the exclusive means of determining Standard division gear starting January 1, 2010... no exceptions

Congratulations to Manitoba's top athletes

2013 Canada National Championship held in Restigouche , NB

Open Division - James Storey - 4th Overall
Standard Division - John Schneiderbanger 38th Overall
Production Division - Rob Schmidt - 10th Overall
Classic Division - Keith Advice - 9th Overall


Everyone already knows that personal commitment and participation are the keys to securing the future of IPSC here in our province. This web site is for all of us who love the sport and want to keep it alive and growing. I'll do my best to keep this site up to date and informative.

Again a big thank you to the members for their participation. As always... Good Luck at the matches and as Wayne always says "if you're getting too many A's you're not going fast enough!"



ICS Class Breaks

GM 95+
M 85 - 94.99
A 75 - 84.99
B 60 - 74.99
C 40 - 59.99
D 0 - 39.99



CLASS trophies will be awarded at matches as shown in the table below

Novice 1
1st 2
2nd 4
3rd 6

CATEGORY trophies will be awarded at matches based on a minimum of three competitors participating in that particular category